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Many years ago, my mother died suddenly, traumatically, and I was thrown into a world of grief. I had no idea what was going on in my mind or in my body. The pain I felt was overwhelming, and I felt terribly alone. No one could help me understand what I was feeling, thinking and how I was behaving.

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Reflexology is a holistic therapy that uses massage and gentle acupressure techniques to stimulate reflex points in the hands and feet. We believe these reflex points are linked neurologically to specific parts of the body and that touching them helps the body to relax and release tension, improves mood, and promotes easier and deeper sleep.

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As we transition into the cooler weather and shorter days of the fall season, some of us may feel the effects on our overall well-being. Lower mood, increased worry and irritability, fatigue, difficulty concentrating and changes in appetite, are a few of the many symptoms you might be experiencing right now. This seasonally induced depression is called Seasonal Affective Disorder.

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To maintain healthy-looking skin, you need to ensure you take in the right nutrients and that you maintain good gut health. Here are some of my favourite nutrients to help heal your skin naturally.

Sofie Desforges-Bell | Blog | Naturopathic Medicine | Nutrition

When it comes to the gut-skin connection, the first step is to heal the gut. By removing the inflammatory foods from your diet and adding in some healing foods, you can support the healing of the skin from the inside out. In the case of acne, there are some main culprits that are working against you.

Sofie Desforges-Bell | Blog | Mental Health | Naturopathic Medicine | Wellness Tips

A few years ago, in my second year of my naturopathic medical studies at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, my face started to erupt with severe cystic acne. It covered both of my cheeks, was very red and inflamed. Not only was this physically painful but it also took a toll on my mental health and confidence.