Nutritional Counselling

As Registered Holistic Nutritionists (R.H.N.), Lyne Desforges and Helen Kwon offer general nutritional counselling. They will guide and motivate you in making healthier food choices while taking into account your schedule, life commitments, budget and personal health goals. Their objective is assisting people of all ages to regain vitality, control stress and live a balanced and healthy life.

Finding health, one bite at a time!
La santé, une bouchée à la fois!

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Mental Health Counselling, Behavioural Consultation and Intervention

As a Mental Health Counsellor, Danika Desforges-Bell can offer ongoing support to children, parents and individuals in regards to behavioural concerns, anxiety, relationships and stress. Her clinical background in Psycho-education (Behavioural Consultation and Intervention) allows her to provide clients with concrete tools and actions to achieve a sense of wellbeing.

Finding health, one breath at a time!
La santé, une inspiration à la fois!

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Naturopathic Services

As a doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Sofie Desforges-Bell is working with patients who struggle with mental health, stress and general hormonal imbalances. She looks a various natural modalities to help support her patients achieve better health physically and mentally.

Finding health, one natural step at a time!
La santé, une étape naturelle à la fois!

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