Reiki & Breathwork & Aromatherapy

“Life opens up in so many ways once your energy has been awakened.” – Panache Desai


Reiki is an alternative healing modality originating from Japan. It uses the “Universal Energy” or “Life Force” to improve the flow of energy in the mind, body and spirit. Reiki Practitioners use the method of palm-healing to channel the universal energy. This helps clear any blockages and bring balance into your energy field. Reiki is a gentle yet very effective form of ‘Energy Medicine’ that reduces stress, speeds healing and promotes an improved state of emotional, mental and physical well-being.

***Packages are available for all Reiki sessions. Buy 5 and get 1 free. Phone or email us for more information.

Free 15-min Initial Phone Consult

This is your opportunity to chat with our reiki practitioner so you understand what reiki is and what you can expect from a session. Offered by phone only.

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Reiki Treatment (60 Minutes)

This session includes a short intake with our reiki practitioner so she can discuss your health goals. Offered in-person only.

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$110 + Tax

Reiki Treatment (75 minutes)

This session includes a short intake with our reiki practitioner so she can discuss your health goals. Offered in-person only.

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$135 + tax


Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses essential oils to stimulate brain function, affect mood, and alleviate pain. Aromatherapy is often used to support mental health, pain management, skin conditions, and digestive issues.

During your session, the aromatherapist will create a customized blend of essential oils based on your needs and goals. Aromatherapy massage involves using essential oils combined with massage and lymph drainage techniques to promote relaxation, relieve stress, and improve immune function and overall well-being.

Aroma & Lymph Massage (60 minutes)

A full body aromatic, lymph, acupressure and reflexology massage which includes the face and scalp. The therapeutic properties of the essential oils relax and balance your body and mind while encouraging lymphatic flow. This is a non-registered massage treatment.

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$110 + Tax

Aromatic Head Massage (60 minutes)

Taking the principles of Indian head massage, marma massage and aromatic body massage, this includes a massage to the back, upper shoulders, face and scalp and includes a customized massage oil.

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$110 + tax

Aromatherapy Consultation (60 minutes)

Discover how aromatherapy, essential oils and custom blends formulated specifically for you can help support your physical, mental and emotional health. The consultation is designed to gather information and health history and includes one custom product. This can be done virtual or in-person.

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$125 + tax

Essential Oil Makeover (60 minutes)

Many people have essential oils that are not used to their full capacity or worse, not used at all. During this consultation you provide up to 5 essential oils and Maria will create a package for you that includes 1) the chemical and energetic components of each essential oil 2) tips on how to use them effectively, efficiently, and safely for you and everyone in your household and 3) DIY recipes that you can make yourself at home. This can be done virtual or in-person.

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$155 + tax


During a Breathwork Session, you will

  • consciously focus on your breathing and alter how you breathe for a period of time
  • use a variety of exercises depending on your goals
  • work with a Functional Breathing Coach to assess the mechanics of your breathing to determine the exercises that would be a suitable fit for your goals.

Free 15-minute Phone Consult

This free 15-min session is an opportunity to learn more about a Functional Breathing Coach or what service is suitable for you.

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Personal Functional Breathing Session (60 minutes)

This 60-minute session will give you a fundamental understanding of the science of breathing and how it relates to stress, anxiety, performance, and self-awareness. Through assessments and breathwork practices, you will learn optimal/functional breathing habits to help in all areas of your life.

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$95 + tax

Functional Breathing Workshop (60 minutes)

This group workshop will offer you a fundamental understanding of the science of breathing, how it relates to stress and anxiety, as well as how it can be used to increase focus and performance.

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$30 + tax