How to Heal Acne Prone Skin Naturally: Part 3

Heal Acne Prone Skin Naturallyby Dr. Sofie Desforges-Bell, naturopathic doctor

Part 3 – Healing Nutrients & Gut Health

To maintain healthy-looking skin, you need to ensure you take in the right nutrients and that you maintain good gut health. Here are some of my favourite nutrients to help heal your skin naturally.

A.C.E.S. + Zinc*

Heal acne prone skin naturally with this formula composed of beta-carotene (Vitamin A), vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium and zinc is a powerful antioxidant formula for skin health, tissue healing and hormonal balance. That’s why I love recommending it to my patients to help treat their acne and heal their skin.

Beta-Carotene (Vitamin A) – This is a precursor to vitamin A that is naturally occurring in green leafy and orange vegetables as well as some fruits and tree nuts. This carotenoid has powerful antioxidant properties for the skin.

Vitamin C – Another antioxidant, this vitamin is vital for collagen production and tissue healing. As part of this formula, vitamin C can help to reduce skin irritation and encourage healing.

Vitamin ESimilarly to Vitamin A and C, this is another antioxidant with an affinity for skin healing, acting on supporting the immune response in the body and reducing inflammation.

SeleniumResearch has shown that supplementing with this mineral for about 2 months can notably decrease the total number of acne lesions due to its antioxidant properties.

ZincThose who suffer from acne tend to be deficient in this essential mineral. Supplementing with zinc helps to reduce symptoms of acne, especially compared to placebo, usually working by supporting the immune system.


Heal Acne Prone Skin Naturally - ProbioticsProbiotics are the good bacteria that make up our gut microbiome. It is found mostly in fermented foods such as kimchi, kombucha, yogurt, sauerkraut, pickles, miso, tempeh and more. Eating fermented foods can help heal the gut, which in turn can improve your skin health. In the case of acne, supplementing with a probiotic product might be worth considering. There is some evidence that a particular strain of probiotics, S. boulardii, when used for up to 5 months, showed improvements in the appearance of acne. Make sure to always choose a high-quality professional-grade product.

*Remember to always consult with your healthcare practitioner before adding, removing or changing anything in your treatment plan.

Healing your skin from the inside out!

Heal Acne Prone Skin Naturally - Inside OutWhen acne lesions started to show up on my face, my instinct was to apply every topical solution I could get my hands on. Although these may help to soothe your skin in the short-term, deeper and longer term healing usually has to come from the inside out. Cue the gut healing, liver support and hormonal balance!

Addressing these foundations of health, we often see longer lasting health benefits which also domino effect into some of our other bodily systems. From improved digestion, detoxification, regular menstrual cycles and more! It’s so important to always go one level deeper and address the underlying root causes of disease. It’s all about a lifelong journey to health optimization. This is the work that I love doing as a Naturopathic Doctor.

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