5 Powerful Positive Affirmations You Can Use Daily

Written by Danika Desforges-Bell, M.Sc. Ps. ed. (October 2017)

5 powerful positive affirmations you can use every day… and remember to take a deep belly breath between each one!

1. I am safe.

2. Everything will be okay.

3. I am strong.

4. I am brave.

5. I am enough.

A few explanations

Why do I consider these some of the most powerful positive affirmations anyone and everyone can use? Well, let me explain…

Let’s start with number 1: I am safe. Stress is our physiological response to a real or perceived threat. Therefore, reminding your body and mind that there is no immediate danger right now can allow your stress responses (adrenaline, cortisol, digestive issues, etc.) to turn off.

Same goes for the second positive affirmation; everything will be okay. We are simply reinforcing our sense of safety by also projecting ourselves to a safe futur. This can help us avoid chronic stress responses which can lead to anxious or depressive symptoms as well as more serious health concerns.

Then, we get into the good stuff! The third affirmation is a very powerful one; I am strong. We often forget how strong and resilient we truly are. Think of all those obstacles and challenges you’ve overcome throughout the years.

In the same wave length, we have the second to last affirmation; I am brave. Being brave comes in many shapes and forms. The bravest one of all is being your authentic, true and vulnerable self.

And we finish off with my personal favourite; I am enough. Read it again, I am enough. Say it out loud, I am enough. Scream it, I AM ENOUGH! That’s right, you truly are enough – just the way you are.