Energy Medicine Services

“Life opens up in so many ways once your energy has been awakened.” Panache Desai
Reiki is an alternative healing modality that uses the “Universal Energy” or “Life Force” to improve the flow of energy; mind, body and spirit. Reiki Practitioners use the method of palm- healing to channel the universal energy, to clear any blockages and bring balance into your energy field. Reiki is a gentle yet very effective form of ‘Energy Medicine’ that reduces stress, speeds healing and promotes an improved state of emotional, mental and physical well-being.

One-on-One Consultations

Reiki Treatment (60 Minutes)

$100 + Tax

Reiki & Intuitive Healing Session (90 Minutes)

In this session, you will have a 45-minute Reiki session followed by a 45-minute in-depth Intuitive Healing session. Helen connects with your energy and uses her intuition to facilitate self-healing and transformation. We all have within us, the power to transform our lives. Our physical bodies hold onto negative beliefs, traumas and limiting thoughts, that can manifest as disease, chronic conditions or emotional/ spiritual distress. Allow Helen to guide you through the process of deep healing, by tapping into your own innate wisdom. Through this Intuitive Healing Session, you will begin to experience clarity of thought, decreased physical pain, less stress/anxiety and a deeper connection to your own wisdom.

Schedule a Session
$140 + Tax

Meditation Classes

Meditation classes will be held once a month on Thursday evenings starting January 2020. Join us for an evening to experience stillness and connect with yourself. You will be guided by Helen through various mediation techniques, that will connect you to your own soul and inner wisdom. Contact us for more information.
$25 + tax / person