Reiki & Reflexology

“Life opens up in so many ways once your energy has been awakened.” Panache Desai


Reiki is an alternative healing modality originating from Japan. It uses the “Universal Energy” or “Life Force” to improve the flow of energy in the mind, body and spirit. Reiki Practitioners use the method of palm-healing to channel the universal energy. This helps clear any blockages and bring balance into your energy field. Reiki is a gentle yet very effective form of ‘Energy Medicine’ that reduces stress, speeds healing and promotes an improved state of emotional, mental and physical well-being.

Reiki Treatment (60 Minutes)

Offered virtually or in-person.
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$110 + Tax

Reiki for children 13 & under (30 minutes)

Offered virtually or in-person.
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$50 + tax


Reflexology is a complementary therapy based on the principle that different points, or reflexes, on the feet and hands correspond with specific areas of the body. By stimulating these points, we can help improve your mood, release tension in your body, enhance your sleep, and generally promote a sense of wellbeing and relaxation.

Reflexology treats the whole body and is suitable for people of all ages, even babies and children. Many benefits are felt from people with both chronic conditions and those in good health. It is one of the safest and least invasive complementary therapies available; all that you need to do is remove your shoes and socks.

Reflexology can help manage a host of health issues. The body has the ability to heal itself. Following illness, stress, or injury it can be in a state of “imbalance” and vital systems can be blocked, preventing your body from functioning optimally. Through reflexology, we can help release these blockages; restoring and maintaining your natural balance.

60-minute Signature Treatment

On your first visit, Lucy will discuss your health goals and challenges with a brief intake. Then you remove your shoes and socks and lie down for your treatment. She will stimulate various points on your feet to help improve your mood, release tension in your body, enhance sleep, and promote a general sense of wellbeing and relaxation.

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$89 + HST

45-minute Signature Treatment

This is a slightly shorter treatment if you are pressed for time or want Lucy to focus on one specific area. If this is your first reflexology treatment, it is recommended to do one hour so Lucy can review your health goals before starting.

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$75 + HST

90-minute Signature Hand & Foot Treatment

Get 30 minutes of hand reflexology followed by 60 minutes of foot reflexology.

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$125 + HST

Reflexology for Babies & Children (13 years & under)

This 30-minute reflexology service is designed specifically for children, 13 years & under. It can help your child reduce stress, anxiety, improve sleep and digestion.

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$49 + HST

Reflexology Postpartum Package for Mama & Baby

Perfect for new parents this special package includes a 60-minute Reflexology treatment for Mum to focus on postpartum healing followed by a 30-minute Baby Reflexology class where you’ll learn a simple Reflexology sequence to do on your baby at bedtime. You can keep your baby with you during the Reflexology treatment or if you’d prefer you can bring your partner or friend to watch the baby and then they can also participate in the private class.

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$125 + HST

Integrated Healing

Using a combination of energy healing and acupressure to realign your body from crown to root to the tip of your toe, this session will work to release any physical or emotional blockages that your body is holding onto.

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$150 + HST